New Years Resolution Event 2015

New Years Resolution Event 2015


It was great Geocaching Saturday!

After serious rain and tremendous wind last night I was a bit afraid about coming event, but what a surprise, Saturday morning was nice, dry and very sunny, some wind but nothing to bother with. So we set of, geocar brought us straight to GZ’s car park.

I was impressed with number of cars and geocachers. And all about geocaching chat startedJ for next couple of hours it was main subject for everyone, geocachers, geokids even geodogs.

Quick group photo and we started our journey, first cache was just around the corner, quickly found buy group of 30 cachers. Logbook signed and off we go to next one.

After short walk and quick search, next cache was in our hands, sweet! Couple of minutes walk and we have next one, what a fun walk!

On the way to next one we spotted some Christmas Trees nicely decorated. And again, another cache found and signed. Up and down boardwalks and we scored another one. Walked a bit, came out of the corner and we were surprised with a lovely view. At the same time we arrived near GZ and supervised by geodogs we decided to take a small hike to get to a tricky hide, nice one! Remember 1 difficulty star can be hard to find too.

And now, to our last one of the day, just published, never found before….

Yes we have it! And nice blank logbook, joined FTF, cool, perfect finish.

We get back to our cars and went straight to the lovely pub for some post refreshments and more geochats.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in organizing such a lovely event and everyone who came out, it was good to meet you all. We had superb walk and great day out!

You can checkout more photos here.

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